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Please refer to this post for details: Does java - jar option alter classpath options. An issue I ran into was a version mismatch of Groovy. More specifically, it seemed that I was running a compiled groovy class under 2. 1 where it was compiled under 1. Changing the library included on the classpath to. Exception in thread " main" java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject at java. defineClass1( Native Method) at java. defineClass( ClassLoader. java: 760) at java.

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    Java lang groovyobject

    I' m trying to do a basic build with Gradle. Even gradle - v fails with the following: $ gradle - v FAILURE: Build aborted because of an internal error. * What went wrong: Build aborted because of an unexpected internal error. Resolution: Cannot Reproduce. Affects Version/ s: 4. Fix Version/ s: None. defineClass1( Native Method) at. Getting error when trying to test Jersey web services java. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject Caused by: java. ClassNotFoundException: groovy.

    import static com. I have placed groovy file on the same location, I had ran this script on groovy console and no error' s were found. defineClass1( Native Method). Bad news - the file below partially fixes the problem by letting the tests run, but fails when packaging the build into a WAR. I can only presume there is a missing dependency in the grails or groovy sections. I' ve got a much simpler working. Combination of def keyword and closure gives the exception. NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ Reference: GET index/ _ search { " script_ fields" : { " test_ script" : { " script" : { " inline" : " ClassDefFoundError: groovy/ lang/ GroovyObject Caused by: java. With Maven, add this to your dependencies ( browse groovy- all on mvnrepository. com ) : < dependency> < groupId> org. groovy< / groupId> < artifactId> groovy- all< / artifactId> < version> 2. 5< / version> < / dependency>.